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As many will know from 13 or 14 April 2016 many users of this community (including me) have been suffering from this error which does not allow several actions to be taken in a row, either opening the profile of another user or the own Self, uploading a deviation, delivering a llama badge or simply trying to create a comment or responding to another, the case is that any action followed by others caused the site to go into error with the user, one week after starting this problem I made a journal mentioning said error:

Apparently deviantART since April 2016 began to implement a protocol system to extend the security of users on the site (which is fine), but this has begun to give problems to many and nobody from the staff seems to have worried about the problem that Has hit many users, I do not doubt that several users have left this site for reasons like these, miraculou
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Journal History

Just a quick update to let you folks know that for a while, I won't be able to use Skype. I'm gonna be prioritizing Discord for the time being as I know it can work. The reason for this is that CCleaner of all things actually WIPED my entire operating system on the other PC and I need to bring it into the shop. Seems like I can't trust that program I've used for years anymore. -_-

So I need to focus on one messaging source in order to prevent a massive amount of lag on everything. So if you need to contact me directly, you can add me on Discord @ the same username I use everywhere, WesternDragoon. x3

I'll make another journal when I get the other laptop to the shop and come back with the results. For now, thanks very much for your understanding and I hope you have a great day! :D

Artist Spotlight #1 - Rakumel
Artist Spotlight #2 - Digimitsu
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United States
Hello everyone! I'm the Western Dragoon (obviously). In basic terms, I'm a passionate gamer, former soldier and musician, and currently working on doing single segment speed-runs and game showcases while trying to get a different form of work.

I'm 23 years of age and for various reasons of circumstance, still living in my parents house. I've been a game lover through most my life, getting introduced to it at the age of about 5 by my half-siblings. Since then, it's been a passion for me and I've always wanted to turn it into a career.

I was interested in music since about 5th grade when I started playing. I was very focused though and only played one instrument; the baby tuba, a.k.a the Euphonium (like a baritone just with one more valve).

My military life was short lived to say the least. For reasons I can explain more in a PM if you want, I was discharged in training, but I was enlisted in the National Guard for over a year total, so when I was discharged I was considered a veteran. You'll hardly hear me reference it like that though. I feel it's a title reserved to those who went through a LOT more than I did.

The reason I was discharged from the army was some pretty severe depression. I mention this because I want to offer my help to anyone who needs it. I'm not going to act like I can fix the problem, if anything can really fix it entirely, but I will help you find the help you need as best I can and I'll always try to be open to talk/rant to.

As far as what brought me, (or more accurately what brought me back) to DeviantART, years ago I created some laughably silly fan-fiction which I posted on a separate account. All the same, after all this time and looking back, they had potential. Sadly though, in a blind depression, I removed the account with all those files on it from Deviantart. While it's sad those files are gone now, it fostered an interest in preserving history and inspired the name of the steam group I now run, The Chroniclers, but as of right now, DeviantArt is a place where I socialize and showcase art from others, as well as offering advice to those who need it.

My last previous experience in the gaming community was being the manager of about a 1,000 member strong group on Steam, (now disbanded) known as For N00bs by N00bz, that helped new players in TF2 and other Steam games, and server management with the same group. Right now, I'm gonna be working on getting equipment and software for casual/speed runs and showcases for various games in my collection.

Finally, I'd like to make it very clear that I am wholely open to political discussion on my page or in private messages as long as you can be respectable about it, going after ideas instead of the people who believe in them. If you'd like a full explanation of the way I intend to address these discussions, you can take a look at the link to one of my journals below (bottom section discusses politics)…

And with that, you now know way more than you ever wanted to know about me I'm sure! XD At any rate thanks for reading through this. My main site is on Steam, but the main way you can contact me is through Skype.

My username is WesternDragoonZ on Skype (Please also mention in any add requests that you are coming from Deviantart or I might ignore your request, thinking it's spam).

The ID is a commission from my good friend Jaden. The Link is down below so you can check him out.…

And my personal links will be below, including my Youtube channel which finally has activity on it! Alright all take care! Thanks again! <3… (Steam Profile, add me for an invite to the Steam Group! :D)… (Flight Rising Profile)… (Not in use yet/using a placeholder banner most likely)


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